Hardy Hall and Lemon Hall are two dormitories located on Barksdale Field at William & Mary. Originally called the Jamestown Residences (Jamestown North and Jamestown South), the dormitories are co-ed and are considered one of the most desirable on-campus housing options.

In 2004, William & Mary began a plan to construct two residence halls on the site of Barksdale Field at 700 Landrum Drive. Completed in 2006 at a cost of an estimated $29 million, the dormitories contain approximately 128,000 square feet of living space for students. The project was not without controversy, as there were several protests in 2004 to try to save Barksdale Field from being reduced in size for the construction of the two residence halls.

In April 2016, the Board of Visitors of William & Mary voted to rename both residences. Jamestown North was renamed Hardy Hall in honor of former long-time Student Affairs administrator Carroll Hardy. Jamestown South was renamed Lemon Hall in memory of Lemon, an enslaved man owned by William & Mary.