Botetourt Complex, Constructed 1971-1973

The Botetourt Complex is a collection of small freshman dormitories located on Wake Drive across from Dupont Hall. This complex was originally built to be a new sorority complex but was rejected by the sororities and instead became language houses. Later, the complex was turned into co-ed dormitories.

The renamed "Botetourt Residences" were completed in 1973, and three language houses opened in the complex: Spanish, French, and German. Project Plus moved out of the complex at the end of 1981 and in 1982, the individual buildings were named Spotswood, Fauquier, Dinwiddie, Gooch, and Nicholson. The complex was named in honor of Virginia Colonial Governor, Lord Botetourt, who was Rector of the Board of Visitors and much loved by the students of William & Mary.