Washington Hall is an academic building located along the south side of the Sunken Garden between Ewell Hall and McGlothlin-Street Hall. It is named in honor of George Washington, who received his surveyor's license from the university in 1749 and served as William & Mary’s first American Chancellor from 1788-1799.

Washington Hall, which currently houses the Modern Languages Department, was constructed in 1928 as part of a larger developmental plan that involved greater overall expansion. As such it is a ‘companion’ to the then Rogers Hall (present-day Tyler Hall), which stands directly opposite across the Sunken Garden. Construction cost was $200,000, and Washington Hall originally included a biology lab on the first floor and liberal-arts classrooms on the second and third floors. In addition to large lecture halls (for 100-280 students) on each floor, the building also housed the offices of the deans and registrar. Charles M. Robinson designed the building and J. W. Davis of Newport News was awarded the contract. Construction was completed in time for spring classes in 1929.

Washington Hall is also home to the Institute of Historical Biology.