Grace Warren Landrum Hall, Constructed 1957-1958

Originally designed as a women's dormitory, Grace Warren Landrum Hall is located on Landrum Drive next to Chandler Hall. The Board of Visitors named the hall for Grace Warren Landrum, the dean of women and a professor of English from 1927 to 1947. The dedication ceremony was held on February 9, 1959.

The plans for Grace Warren Landrum Hall included a large recreation room in the basement, a lounge and lobby on the first floor, an elevator, and a capacity to house 185 women. Construction was completed in 1958, and the dormitory was built to house 217 female freshman. When it opened in 1959, the dorm was considered modern and a desirable place to reside. Grace Warren Landrum Hall has suffered a series of floods throughout its history, most notably in 1961, 1982, and 1987. Grace Warren Landrum Hall is currently co-ed and is home to the Eco House, a special interest house dedicated to the environment and environmentally friendly living. Each floor has a lounge area, a parlor on the first floor and a large lounge in the basement.