The Crim Dell is a small pond located between old and new campus. The wooded pond is a favorite spot on campus for many, and most iconically for its bridge. The Crim Dell was dedicated on May 7, 1966, and was named for John W. H. Crim, class of 1901.

On October 20, 1934, Matoaka Park (the area that is now the Crim Dell), officially opened during the inauguration of John Stewart Bryan as the 19th President of William & Mary. At this time, Matoaka Park was a space adjoining campus. As a result of the 1959 Student Pond Project, the pond was expanded by the students. In 1965, the Crim Dell Bridge, built in a Chinese style, was constructed over the lily pond. The Wildflower Refuge Amphitheater was built across the road from the Crim Dell in 1979.

According to legend, if you walk across the bridge by yourself, you are destined to be alone, never to fall in love for the rest of your life. If you walk across the bridge with a significant other and share a kiss in the middle of the bridge, you are destined to be together forever. However, if the relationship does not work out, you both must return to the top of this bridge and the woman must break the spell by throwing the man off the bridge into the water. Additionally, all students walk across the Crim Dell Bridge with their entire graduating class as part of the Commencement walk at William & Mary.