The Sunken Garden, sometimes referred to as the Sunken Gardens, is an open area for the relaxation and recreation of our students. It is located to the rear of the Wren Building, running southwest.

Architect Charles M. Robinson first designed the Sunken Garden in the early 1920s, reportedly based on the gardens of the Chelsea Hospital in England, designed by Sir Christopher Wren. The idea was delayed at this point due to budget concerns, but reconsidered in 1933 at the recommendation of President Julian A. C. Chandler. At this time, a Civilian Conservation Corps Camp had been assigned to William & Mary for the purpose of beautifying and improving the grounds. The renowned landscape architect, Charles F. Gillette was employed to supervise the work, which was executed in 1935 and 1936.

A number of events are held in the Sunken Garden, including dances, picnics, receptions, concerts, and the student body’s Last Day of Classes celebration.