Chancellors Hall (formerly Tyler Hall), Constructed 1926-1927

Chancellors Hall, located on the Sunken Gardens between James Blair Hall and Tucker Hall, was formerly named Rogers Hall, Chancellors Hall, then Tyler Hall in 1988 after U.S. President John Tyler and his son, William & Mary President Lyon Gardiner Tyler Sr.. In 2021, the Board of Visitor's approved reverting Tyler Hall back to its previous name of Chancellors Hall.

The building was planned as a science hall in memory of William Barton Rogers and as a replacement for the Penniman Building. The cornerstone was laid August 28, 1926 and the building opened in the fall of 1927. It housed the chemistry, physics, and psychology departments.

The building was renovated in the summer of 1980 for the School of Business Administration. In 1985 the basement was renovated to house the Professional Resources Facility, a research library, and office space. The Departments of History, Philosophy, and English have all been housed in this building at some point in its history. The School of Business left in July 2009 to move to its current location in Alan B. Miller Hall.