The Campus Center, located at 104 Jamestown Road, is an L-shaped building situated between the Reves Center and Taliaferro Hall. It is the home of a number of administrative offices, including the Center for Student Diversity and the Dean of Students, as well as student-run organizations, such as the Flat Hat News and Alma Mater Productions (AMP). Notably, the Campus Center contains the Marketplace, one of the three main dining halls operated by William & Mary's Dining Services.

The building itself was originally opened under the name Trinkle Hall in 1926, a replacement to the Dining Hall that opening in 1914 and was destroyed by fire in 1925. The Wigwam, which operated from 1942-1986, served as a bookstore, soda shop and coffee shop and was located where the Marketplace stands today. In 1983, a $1.2 million renovation of Trinkle Hall was proposed to transform the building into a student activities center and to alleviate overcrowding at the Commons Dining Hall. The 23,000-square-foot complex was renamed the Campus Center with the Great Hall (the former large dining hall) being renamed Trinkle Hall. Today, Trinkle Hall is a large, multipurpose space that can be accessed through the Campus Center.



104 Jamestown Road