Chandler Hall is a dormitory located between Kate Waller Barrett Hall and Grace Warren Landrum Hall. The dormitory is currently co-ed but originally functioned as a women’s dorm. Upon construction, it completed the trio of women’s dorms which included Jefferson Hall and Kate Waller Barrett Hall; arcades were constructed to connect the three buildings. The dorm is named for J. A. C. Chandler, president of William & Mary from 1919-1934. Chandler oversaw the expansion of the university from a small, struggling liberal arts university for men to a modern coeducational institution of higher learning.

In 1930, plans were presented to the Board of Visitors for a third women's dormitory to accommodate approximately 150 women in double and single rooms with suites and kitchenettes. William & Mary architect Charles M. Robinson designed the dormitory, which opened for use in the summer of 1931 and housed summer school students. The second and third floors of the building were available for sororities to use as well. For the 2014-2015 academic year, Chandler Hall underwent a massive renovation project to update the dorm.