Lemon Hall & Carroll F. S. Hardy Hall, Constructed 2004-2006

These two buildings, originally named Jamestown North and Jamestown South, are the first buildings on William & Mary's campus to be named after African-American individuals. The rededication ceremony took place in the Fall of 2016.

Lemon Hall
Lemon Hall is named in honor of Lemon, man held enslaved by William & Mary. Today, Lemon is also remembered by the Lemon Project, an organization which seeks to explore and heal the relationship between William & Mary and the African and African-American communities in Williamsburg and beyond.

Carroll F. S. Hardy Hall
Dr. Carroll F. S. Hardy touched hundreds of lives during her tenure at William & Mary. Initially serving as Assistant Dean of Multicultural Affairs, Dr. Hardy worked to show students of color that they had a future at William & Mary. She encouraged students to pursue higher education and served as a resource to African-American students as they matriculated at a predominantly white institution. Dr. Hardy went on to form the Stuart Educational Leadership Group, Inc. with her siblings in 1995. She received honorary alumnus status from William & Mary in 2012 before her death later that year.